Monday, September 19, 2011


Well I have not had anything to drink, I mean I have, but not alcohol, just a Shirley temple, tooo bad it was not a dirty Shirley...those get you drunk ;) - the  face adds character :) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I'm watching the boyfriend play call of duty, he is very angry, he is not winning, well I hate how when I write these things I say everything in my head before I write it, so in my head it sounds like I am talking to my self out loud but no one can hear me, but I wish I could just think and something types it for me, like think of an idea and there is a special machine that types up everything with out me actually thinking of the words to write - if that even makes sense...

This is not about dinosaurs..but it should be - I like dinosaurs.

I don't know why I keep putting in the dashy adds character (?) I don't know, but what I do know is I am sleepy, and my feet hurt, and I want it to be tomorrow so I can wear my cute new shoes at school - even though no one in my classes talks to me or wants to be my friend. HA :'(

My boyfriend just told me he hopes my head falls off , I laughed.

Oh my goodness! Ugh - I was driving home from having a dinner today with work people, and my car told me that I had a door opened, so when I was driving I was like oh shit (shoot) - I decided that I needed to stop at a red light and open my door to make sure it was going to be shut, so ( I'm laughing while writing this by the way) I pull up to a red light and think, ok this is my chance ( and I was thinking the people next to me are going to think I am crazy or something) so I open my car door up and close it, then look up to see some one staring at me weird, but it was just Michelle, and I laughed - but that isn't really the real funny part - then I drive away -  so my car still says there is a door open, and I feel like there isn't, but I continue driving home, I finally get to my boyfriends house and I sit there for a while then I look up to see the weirdest face staring at me and I screamed so loud it hurt my voice, but it was my boyfriend, but I told him my dilemma with my car, and we are closing doors and locking them and opening them and shutting them ( it is funnier in person, even though we didn't laugh a lot but now its really funny to me)  and I am in a bad mood now because my dumb car kept telling me there was a door opened and I checked all of them - then I realize it says there is a door opened because I was half way sitting in my car. So that was my funny moment - but you know what, when i was driving home it did say I had a car door open. wahhhhhhh :'( Oh well.

I'm watching sixteen candles, and that's day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

<3 No joke.

Today was just like any other day

Except different.
It's different today because I now have a blog, and according to a few of my co workers this is a good idea. I'm supposed to write everything that goes through my mind. So here goes nothing.

I feel like dinosaurs were the ultimate race for a few short decades. (?) I believe that they spoke and acted like we do today, only a little different, like they are a million times bigger then we are.. and they probably didn't work for a makeup company or live in houses. (I really don't think I am that funny) The only problem is they all went psycho and ate each other because they were really hungry, or angry..either or... it's kinda the same a way. But anyways soon after everybody starting dying god decided that it is time for a change, and that's why we are here far so good. (?)

Another thing, I really dislike Star craft, I don't understand it, or have any desire to play it. It take away from me time.

Right at this second I am drinking a quite strong margarita. it's pretty yummy not gonna lie.

oh and these girls are pretty awesome might I add.